PC-CuSeeMe with Windows 95

Niclas Elneus (niclas.elneus@training.telia.se)
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 22:40:32 +0100


I'm an old macintosh freak who has been forced into
the PC platform and the world of Windows 95.

I must say that I'm surprised. Nearly everything works
after installation. It's near to plug-and play.

Well I've got one problem :

PC-CuSeeMe works when I'm connecting via PSTN. Of course it's
slow and I with no sound.

BUT I cant get up and running when I try from my work. There's the
connection to internet a leased line at 256 kbit/s. It work's
on my Macintosh from my work.

Are there any settings in PC-CuSeeMe or Windows95 that I don't know.

It seems to me as if PC CUSeeMe tries to connect but it isn't going
out via the leased line. Is it trying to go via the modem???
PCMCIA-modem isn't installed when I'm at work.

Please help me if you can and send your answer to


My best regards

Niclas Elneus

Niclas Elneus
Telia AB, Sweden-Kalmar
phone +46 480 80785