Windows NT, Capture Cards, and CU-SeeMe

Raymond Rusk (
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 16:21:02 -0800

I would appreciate suggestions for video capture cards with Windows NT driver support.
These cards will be used on Pentium Pro PCs with PCI/ISA slots. We are interested
in testing various videoconferencing packages including CU-SeeMe, on an ATM
test network running LAN emulation and/or classical IP.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. BTW, I noticed this question asked before,
but the Creative Labs Video Spigot and Truevision Bravado listed in the Windows NT
hardware compatibility list appear to no longer be available. The new line of
Truevision products supports NT but the price is too high for our needs.

I believe that Hauppauge has some freeware driver support for their Win/TV-Celebrity
product that provides NT support and that the ComputerEyes/1024 from Digital Vision,
Inc. will have NT support soon. Has anyone used either product with NT?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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