I can see myself... but only in the Whitepine installation.

Patrick M. Shannon (shannonp@sky.net)
Tue, 6 Feb 1996 22:12:06 -0600

Hi All,
I have a VE-500 on a P5-120, 16Meg/RAM, 14.4K modem. I re-installed my =
video capture driver, Video capture software, and Whitepine. At the end =
of the install I could see myself in the video window.... but when I =
start Whitepine's CUSM after the install, I get sound, a black transmit =
screen with horizontal snow along the bottom of the transmit screen.... =
I have rebooted, re-installed, everything I can think of. Please help, =
we are close...I can feel it!.. I can see my self in the install.... we =
have to be close? right????