Beta 3 Still Has Logitech Movieman Problems

Mark (
Wed, 7 Feb 96 07:30:07 UT

According to White Pine, the Logitech Movieman board is a supported and tested
video capture card.

With both Alpha 2 and now Beta 3, my Cu-SeeMe session crashes with a "divide
error" when I try to invoke the program. If I remove my Logitech Movieman 1.0
drivers from my Windows 95 system, Cu-SeeMe comes up just fine.
Unfortunately, I am then unable to send video.

Can anyone comment? Does anyone have a successful implementation of Movieman
with Cu-SeeMe under Windows 95? By the way, I have tried out both the 16-bit
and 32-bit versions. The 16-bit version explodes with a GPF whenever I have
the Movieman drivers loaded.

Mark Zilbert