Re: sound or no sound?

marshall katz (
Thu, 08 Feb 96 14:01:43 EST

Mr. No Name (

Because of the tone of your message, I was just going to let you
ride off into the sunset as you threatened, however, the following
is provided because it may also help others:

The beta 2 version of CUSM from White Pine has good audio 1/1 and
fair audio 1/many on a busy reflector. The audio in the Cornell
version is not audible.

There are too many variables at play here to adequately nail down
your problem. For example, do you know that you are able to transmit
voice (audio). Suggest trying to record & playback your voice with
the Windows sound recorder. Insure you receive sound through your
speakers by playing a CD or .wav file. Next, get the latest White
Pine version of CU-SeeMe. Once setting that up, learn how to use the
capabilities of the audio portion of that program. Use chat to ask
others if they hear your audio. Of course, performance will be better
on a 28.8 or greater line. Lastly, although video feed is stopped to
enable sending the sound packets (as it was explained to me), your
settings (the aggregate total of send/receive) should not be greater
than your transmission speed, e.g. 28.8, for optimum performance. By
the way, verify that you don't have any Address or IRQ conflicts as
that will mess you up too.

Hope that helps you and others. I'm not an audio expert, but, that's
how I debugged/analyzed my way through to be able to send audio. Not
all boards are the same. Also, not all boards will give you an error
message, for example: My network board had a fixed address of 220, as
did the Sound Blaster. I received no messages nor did the system hang
as a result. Drove me nuts for a week. Guess we've all been there,
done that.

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Subject: sound or no sound?
Author: at SMTPLINK-Fmso
Date: 2/8/96 1:27 PM

everyone I've spoke to or read in these measages have said that they can not
get sound
with cuseeme. I've tried the new ver. ...I have a 486dx 4x100, 16meg ram, a
good sound card, a 28.8 sportster modem. I believe this program needs a lot
of woek or call it a
lemon. when I subscribed to this mess, I THOUGHT I'D SEE SOME ANSWERS TO THE
that is. before I
unsubscribe to all this,I thought i'd ask all the good people out there,can
any of you get sound. if so , HOW? thanks!!