Re: CuSeeme Beta release

John Osborne (
Fri, 09 Feb 1996 06:37:23 +1000

Brian, et. al.,
If the new beta is any indication of future developments then I think
the era of text-only real time chatting (ala IRCII/mIRC) is drawing to a
close. I installed with no problems whatsoever, and got several colour
windows up from some other users on a colour reflector. The colour
dithering needs some work, but the images were impressive and the sound
was clear. In addition, it *finally* has a decent "phone" book so I
don't have to remember what all those IP addresses were for!
The "listener" proggie was good, and I got the alert when someone
attached to my IP.
I am running CUSEEME on a 100 MHz Acer Pentium with 24 Mb of RAM under
Windows 95.
Great work, White Pine, im my opinion.

Brian Geraghty wrote:
> To ALl;
> So what is everyone's initial reaction/impression of the new beta
> released this week. I loaded it and saw some really neat changes, especially
> with regard to setup (more complete setup of the .ini file) and the user
> interface. It also seems more reliable with no GPF's (yet anyway).
> What do you think?
> ~Brian