Re: sound or no sound?
Thu, 08 Feb 96 13:59:13 est

We have been using both Cornell versions of CUSeeMe and the beta from
White Pine for the last few weeks, with great success. Yesterday, we
particiated in a video conference, complete with audio from our
offices in Boston to an elementary school in Minnesota. Video and
audio quality was quite satisfactory, especially for a FREE piece of
software. One of the first things we did however, was to completely
read all txt and readme files that we could get our hands on. This
explained much about how to "tweak" the app for best performance. We
are using Pentium PCs with 16mb RAM and Sound Blaster 16 cards, with a
Connectix QuickCam. We are very pleased with the product, think that
the developers have done packaged a great deal in a very lightweight
product. For those of us with shrinking budgets, this is great stuff!

Jim LeVerso
U.S. General Services Admin
Boston, Ma.

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Subject: sound or no sound?
Author: at INTERNET
Date: 2/8/96 1:22 PM

everyone I've spoke to or read in these measages have said that they can not
get sound
with cuseeme. I've tried the new ver. ...I have a 486dx 4x100, 16meg ram, a
good sound card, a 28.8 sportster modem. I believe this program needs a lot
of woek or call it a
lemon. when I subscribed to this mess, I THOUGHT I'D SEE SOME ANSWERS TO THE
that is. before I
unsubscribe to all this,I thought i'd ask all the good people out there,can
any of you get sound. if so , HOW? thanks!!