Quadra 630 Set-up?

Urban S. Reininger IV (TMideas@hamptons.com)
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 22:17:03 -0500

I wwnt through some of the list's archives, and found very little
about Macintosh Q630's.

I have an apple video AV/TUNER card in and a camcorder hooked up.

I am guessing that CUseeME in not programmed to know how to
digitize video from it. When I run the program it works for about 2 min.
and then crashes.

Well....It looks sorta bleak, but I thought it was worth a try to ask around
before giving it up.

Thanks in Advance everyone,

Urban Reininger
TM ideas Inc.
E~mail: TMideas@hamptons.com