Re[2]: sound or no sound?

marshall katz (
Fri, 09 Feb 96 08:34:06 EST

Dear Student S324131:

You raise interesting questions, however, they would be best put to
the CU-SeeMe Development Staff at Cornell University.

However, thinking a little deeper about your questions, if Cornell
is not included in the new White Pine Game, i.e., color Cu-SeeMe,
excellent audio, etc., it is questionable if Cornell's efforts should
be funded to make any more corrections beyond .b7.

One thought I have is for someone to fund the Cornell development
staff to take care of the MAC Community, exclusively. That should
make the MAC users happier.

Sorry, just thinking out loud and transferring it to E-Mail.


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Subject: Re: sound or no sound?
Author: at SMTPLINK-Fmso
Date: 2/9/96 6:49 AM

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, marshall katz wrote:

> The beta 2 version of CUSM from White Pine has good audio 1/1 and
> fair audio 1/many on a busy reflector. The audio in the Cornell
> version is not audible.

What's this about the audio in the Cornell version not being audible?
What exactly do you mean? Why is it not audible? When will it be fixed?

BTW, congratulations on a good product, and on your efforts. Keep up the
good work.