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John P. Siebert/JPS Design Gr. (jpsdg@ncweb.com)
Sat, 10 Feb 96 07:14:45 -0500

>Yes i have tried all thoses things short of reinstalling
> when you say reinstall.. where should i get an intsaller from
> do you mean download it again???
>i have 3 different copies of it on my desktop
>ohh also how high can i go when i increase memory partition.. i am at 5000
>anti (sorry i am not making full sentences today i am a bit convoluted!!)
Redownload a copy from Cornell. Don't forget the talk plug-in module.
There ftp site is:


Now I have increased the memory partition to about 12mb for me and since
it has not ever crashed again (though MacTCP has) so try about 8-9mb.
Also download the FreePPP 1.0.5. It seems much more stable than any other
MacPPP software I've seen.

Let me know if this helps.


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