Re: CuSeeMe help needed!!

John P. Siebert/JPS Design Gr. (
Sat, 10 Feb 96 07:14:57 -0500

>Thanks for your quick reply. I'll give all you suggested a go.
>I believe there is a new release of open transport, maybe this will help too.
>I also see there is a colour version of cuseeme, any idae if there is a Mac
>version to follow? Thanks again, Dave.
I've heard (or is that read) a rumor that a new version of CU-SeeMe is
coming in the next month or so. There has been a lot of chatter about the
windows version coming before the Mac version so I don't know if that
will help prompt it release sooner or not. I personally check the ftp
sites of Cornell and White Pines every several of days.

In reference to the Open Transport thing, I'd wait until 7.5.3 system
upgrade comes out in late Febrary or early March.


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