Advice Needed!

Ted Mitrou (
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 15:16:48 -0800

I'm using a compaq 486 laptop with a megahertz 28.8 modem and I have tried
on and off for weeks to successfully receive cu-seeme images. Netcom is my
provider, which says it supports cu-seeme. I connect okay, but even with
only one video window open I only get sporadic packets and partial images. I
modified the ini file, tried early in the morning (the NASA site) when I was
the only lurker, but still the same scenario. Random bits of image with
little continuity. I have received a complete image that is discernable.
If any of your cuseeme users/subscribers are using cuseeme using netcom
would you let me know (at least that will eliminate them as the problem).
Any suggestion from users who have had a similar experience, or who can
offer any suggestions for me would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance