Please Help!

Joe (
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 20:22:29 -0500

CU-SeeMe is a wonderful concept, and I look forward to its future
development... but I'm having problems using the program. Can anyone
please help?

I am using Window's 95, a QuickCam and CU-SeeMe (beta version from
Cornell). Whether this is important or not, my video card is an Ultra
Trio PCI Windows accelerator.

People tell me that my transmission comes in rather clear and at a good
frames per second rate. However, my reception is at 0 frames per
second. The picture comes in very slow usually with pieces missing, and
it hardly moves. Do I need a new video card, capture video card and/or
purchase CU-SeeMe from White Pine? Before I go throwing money in to
this, I'd like to have some assurance that it'll work.

Please help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.