Eric Wilson (
Sat, 10 Feb 96 22:31:39 -0800

My problem may simply be a lack on my part:

I'm running under windows3.11

Everything seems to be installed OK except for making cuseeme understand what the
host name and location(?) are. That seems understandable because *I* don't
understand what the hostname and location(?) are.

Here's what happens:

I start cuseeme.

Cuseeme starts winsock.

Winsock calls my school and does a fine job of getting a SLIP line going for me.

Cuseeme says: "GetHostByName() Error"

By this time I'm sending my login and password to school via the windows provided by

Cuseeme says: "Cannot open the superwhamidyne secret window" or something like that.
Then it says "I quit"
I can't really blame it for quitting since it isn't successful even once at doing
the things it thinks it should be doing.

So, it leaves me and leaves open a window with a volume control and a button for me
to push which announces that I'm not connected if I push it, and very small window
with "File Edit Connect and other typical windows options"

Now, winsock having completed its script and having no task before it, also leaves.

Does this make sense?

I have a "hosts" file in the same directory which has some stuff in it, but I don't
know if its right or not. I've noticed that when winsock starts and I watch the
window it operates in, I see: "My IP 129.138.5.xx netmask

I have presumed that the server I log in on when I call school is the gateway and
thats what I put in the host file.

There, does any of that make sense?

I must admit, I'm rather lost

canuhelpme with cuseeme?

Eric Wilson