Re: Mac 7200 connection issues

Terrence R. Redding (
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 00:33:51 -0500

Terrence R. Redding wrote:
> John P. Siebert/JPS Design Gr. wrote:
> >
> > >but whenever I enter an address from the CUSeeMe reflector pages the
> > >response is always 'No Reponse from <site number> ...'. Does this just
> > >mean the site is down or is there something I am missing?
> > >
> > That usually means a site is down. However, I've found certain sites that
> > seem to never be down which I use to check my own connection when I think
> > connection is going bad.
> >
> > Try connecting to Suck-U-SeeMe at IP Don't let the name
> > scare you. They just have a sense of humor. This site is always up.
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> Okay, i have the connection and can see the list of participants
> changing. Should I hook up my s-vedio camcorder and send vedio? I
> don't see any images. My modem is running at 19200. Should i be seeing
> vedio or hearing sound? All I have right now from the sucker site is
> the list of lurkers an a black screen.
> Cheers, Terry

I am not sure it is a good idea to answer my own question or expose my
ignorance. But I solved the problem. The black screen is my local feed
and is black because i have not hooked up the video camera yet.

I connected to Kent States reflector and received a picture and audio.
It has convinced me that first, I need a 28.8 modem and second, that I
wont have much fun until I connect my Mac over the ethernet on campus to
the T1 line.

They are running Mac Client on the netware 3.x and 4.x, so I should be
able to connect. After I catchup on this mail I plan to visit the Novell
home page and get a copy of the latest NetWare Client for the MacOS.
Hopefull that will help. We have 15 or so Macs on campus, but none are
in the net yet. I hope to be the first. I have the ethernet cable and
network connect. But I have yet to see the network on my mac.

Cheers, Terry