Somebody HELP ME Please!

Atrhur H. Kaz (
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 02:16:45 -0600

For several days I have been unsuccessful in getting CuSeeMe to work. I
have a Dell P60 running Windows95, FTP's PC/TCP and a Reveal TV500 card.

I finally have gotten my hands on CuSeeMe W0.84B7 As I see it I have
two problems...

The first is an unexpected "unsupported function" message that appears
at startup. I am using a PPP connection with a dynamically allocated IP
address (and hostname). I think that this may be the source of my other
problem as well. I say this since no "HOSTS" file exists on this
machine and I cannot easily determined my IP and/or Hostname. My second
problem is that I cannot connect to ANY reflector site. Oddly these
are all sites that I can ping. I am convinced that the two problems are

I think that maybe I just need to know more about how CuSeeMe deals with
IPs and Hostnames and figure out what must be done in order to use from

If anyone can help, please respond.

Arthur H. Kaz