Problems receiving video

dean (
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 18:36:47 -0500

I have been using cuseeme for about a week now and haven't had many problems
that I haven't been able to correct myself. I was having problems receiving
video and thought I could improve that by increasing the values of MSS, MTU
and RWIN in Trumpet Winsock. Now it seems like all I can do is send data
for about a minute and then my modem is abrubtly disconnected. Before it
disconnects, I only receive data for maybe 20 seconds, all I am able to get
is someones video window, without any video. I have an external 28.8 modem,
so I am able to view the led lights on the front and the receiving data
light rarely lights up while the sending light is a blur. I tried freezing
my picture to cut down on the amount of data I was transmitting and that
hasn't helped either. Does anyone have a setting for MSS, MTU nad RWIN that
works great with cu-seeme. Thanks to anyone who can help. Dean