Video tape of GLH on 10/25/95

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Date: February 9, 1996
To: Electronic Colleagues
From: Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D.
Subject: Video tape of "Global Lecture Hall" videoconference on

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(1) GLH on 10/25/95:

A video tape of our "Global Lecture Hall (GLH)"(TM) multipoint-to-
multipoint multimedia interactive videoconference on "Affordable and
Accessible Global Electronic Distance Education" is now available. The
GLH was held on the occasion of the VIth International Conference on
Distance Education: "Technology and Distance Education: Sharing Experi-
ences Around the World" in San Jose, Costa Rica on October 25, 1995.
Ohio University hosted our videoconferencing center.

In spite of some technical glitches, the GLH was full of exciting
demonstrations of the most advanced, cutting-edge desktop videoconfer-
encing technologies to indicate the future direction of global electron-
ic distance education exchange, which is one of the most important uses
of the Global Information Infrastructure (GII). The demonstrations were
greatly appreciated by the viewers around the world.

(2) Greetings:

a. Opening remark; Dr. Takeshi Utsumi, Chairman of GLOSAS/USA,
President of Global University/USA (from Athens, OH)

b. Greetings; Dr. Don Flournoy, Director of Institute for Telecommu-
nications Studies, Ohio University (from Athens, OH)

c. Greetings; Mr. Charles Fox, Director of WORLDNET Television and
Film Service, U.S. Information Agency (video tape from Washington,

d. Greetings with PictureTel via digital switched service; Dr. Tapio
Varis of the University of Art & Design (Former Rector of the U.N.
University of Peace in Costa Rica and Executive Advisor of
GLOSAS/USA) (with PictureTel from Helsinki Telephone Company Ltd.
in Helsinki, Finland)

e. Greetings; Dr. Paul Nelson, Dean of the College of Communication
of Ohio University (from Athens, OH)

f. Greetings; Dr. Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO (video
tape from UNESCO/Paris headquarters)

g. Greetings with ShareVision via POTS; Dr Julio Mata Segreda,
National Academy of Sciences, Costa Rica (with ShareVision via
POTS from San Jose, Costa Rica)

(3) Demonstrations:

a. Demonstration of the Multicast Backbone (MBone) (text, graphics,
image, whiteboard, audio, and video) via Internet with a new video
tool named 'vic' delivered high-quality live video to viewers

using H261 encoding. This also included recent uses of the MBone
for distance learning, such as "Learning to Learn: Future of
Science and Engineering." A "MBone Unplugged" rig, a combined
standard video gear, an inexpensive Indy workstation, wireless
microphones and a wireless bridge to create a mobile
Internet-based Mbone station, were also shown; Dr. Donald Paul
Brutzman, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School (from Monterey, CA).

b. Demonstration of simulated asynchronous computer-mediated multime-
dia conferencing (CMMCS) with FORUM via Internet between two geo-
graphically separated sites in a brief academic exercise involving
epilepsy. "Student" and "teacher" interacted with some instruc-
tion on the mechanisms of epilepsy and provided each other with
in-context links to World Wide Web sites that contained useful
reference material on epilepsy; Dr. Bill Klemm, Texas A&M Univer-
sity, (live satellite from Austin, TX).

c. Presentation of Global Telecommunications University project; Dr.
Renato Cortinovis, Training Officer of Human Resource Development
Division of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
(computer slide show from Geneva, Switzerland).

d. Demonstration of the nurse training course exchange with the use
of ShareVision (with text, graphics, image, whiteboard, audio, and
video (10 to 15 fps)) via Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) at
9.6 Kbps in two-way, interactive mode between Ohio University and
Costa Rica conference site; Professor Jose Brenes, Lic Marta
Salazar, Professor of Nursing School, Ms. Lucrecia Vasques,
student at Nursing School of the Universidad de Costa Rica; Dr.
Kathleen Rose-Grippa of Ohio University; and Mr. Jim Miller of
SYNECTICS, Inc. ShareVision videoconferencing with inexpensive
equipment and telecommunication line can be very valuable in
developing countries where high speed Internet (with TCP/IP node)
has not been well established yet.

e. Presentation of Global School House project (sponsored by the US
National Science Foundation) with CU-SeeMe (black and white video
(10 to 15 fps) with Macintosh and IBM compatible machines),
including MAVEN audio conference via Internet; Mr. George Brett,
Director of the Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery
and Retrieval (CNIDR) and the project participants (from Research
Triangle Park, NC, etc.) Albeit rude video quality yet, this
showed readily available videoconference among educational commu-
nities around the world with TCP/IP oriented Internet, without use
of satellite nor dish antenna -- and even without use of overseas
telephone calls. It could be of a strong interest to K-12 edca-

f. Demonstration of KarlNet's 2 Mbps wireless telecom technology
(spread spectrum) with CU-SeeMe via Internet -- one-to-one connec-
tion for high resolution video and audio; Dr. Doug Karl, Director
of Networking and Communications, Ohio State University (from
Columbus, OH).

(4) Should you be interested in viewing the video tape, please fill
out the attached form and send back to me with your check or a
purchasing order number.

Best, Tak

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Video Tape
"Global Lecture Hall (GLH)"(TM)
(multipoint-to-multipoint multimedia interactive videoconference)
"Affordable and Accessible Global Electronic Distance Education"
on the occasion of
The VIth International Conference on Distance Education:
"Technology and Distance Education: Sharing Experiences Around The
Universidad Estatal a Distancia
San Jose, Costa Rica
October 25, 1995

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