Re: Question on Audio?

Richard (
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 08:25:59 GMT

At 10:41 pm 11/2/96, "Amy O'Gara" @ wrote:
>We have just recently installed CU-SeeMe along with QuickCam's in two
>of our school buildings. We have been having trouble with the audio.
>Is there some optimal setting I can try? I know that with 28.8
>connections you can only expect so much but we are getting virtually
>nothing in the way of audio.
>I would appreciate any advice.
>Thank you for your time.
>Amy O'Gara
>Immaculate Conception School
>St. Catherine's School
>==== So much to little time! ====


Audio does not work well at speeds less than those u would get from
ISDN..we'll see later this year how it is with 56.6 Modems..better no doubt
but good enough ...?

Meanwhile when u try to use Audio (and I've had it acceptable once or twice
but with lags of course).. first freeze frame the Video its the button
second from right in the frame below the picture..

Click right button in frame to one to your settings Set Audio to 100ms
Delta Mod and Transmit Receive to Min 0 Max 26

If u want to connect to my wife and I in London give poss dates and times
and I'll e mail our Static IP

We r 5 hours ahead of East Coast time..

Let me know how it goes
What '
puter r u using