Re: Nickname List Problem

John P. Siebert/JPS Design Gr. (
Mon, 12 Feb 96 05:55:17 -0500

>Many thanks to whoever it was (sorry, your original message is gone) who
>provided the CU-SeeMe nickname list. That's exactly what I was looking for,
>However, it may be that the nicknames and IP adresses are off by one entry
>starting around the letter "H". After that point, to get the IP address I
>want, I must select the nickname above it.
>It is equally possible I may have inadvertently done this to my own copy,
>while deleting nicknames under "H".
>Could someone please confirm whether this damage is self-inflicted? If so,
>I would greatly appreciate a fresh copy at the direct address below.
>Thanks, Frank

No when you delete a name in the nickname list from within CU-SeeMe it
does not update the menus exactly correctly. When you quit and come back
in to the program everything will be fine.


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