[W] Frozen/Unresponsive Mouse

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 10:42:24 -0600

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>Subject: [W] Frozen/Unresponsive Mouse
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>Regarding Frozen/Unresponsive Mouse with CUSeeMe:
>I have a similar problem. I am using a Diamond Stealth 64 2Meg DRAM,
>a Microsoft mouse, and the (ugh) MediaVision Pro Movie Spectrum capture
card. I
>am using version 8.20 of the mouse driver. My mouse does not 'lock up,' but
>become *very* unresponsive - like it is missing interrupts or something. This
>does not happen when running Video for Windows utilites (VIDCAP, etc.), only
>when CUSeeMe is running. I have checked (and double checked) for interrupt
>conflicts, but have found none. Any suggestions for either of us?
>-Jim Tonti

I have noticed the same thing with my Captivator card and CU-SeeMe. From
what I can tell, if my local window is covered up by any other window, like
the connect dialogue box or the participants list, then the mouse movement
is very slow and unresponsive. The clicking of the buttons doesn't work
very well either.

Just for grins, you might try moving your local window to a position where
it won't be covered by another and see if this helps you any. It did for me.

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
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