no response

machula glas-barbara (
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 22:07:16 +0100

Cu-see nobody!

I have a powermac 7100 running ppp, with a quickcam and cu see me 083 b.3,
28800 modem, and all is fine. I can connect to myself (finally) and to
somebody else.(one to one). Hear some sounds sometimes.


I cannot connect to any reflector, after 10 seconds I get the message:"no
response from the reflector." I have tried trashing preferences, minimal
extensions running, and I would love to meet some people at the other side
of the world. can anybody tell me what to do? I am getting curious...

tel:00-31-20-6225833 or 6242157
Bloemgracht 81, 1016 KH Amsterdam Holland