Re: Version 1.0B3 and Windows 3.11
Tue, 13 Feb 96 11:39:38 +0000


I also have the WPINE software and went back to .087B1
It should support MIRO DC1 TV but is does not (system hangs)

Also a lot of memory violations etc.

(16MB Pentium 60 with 14.4 modem)

The 087B1 works great with no problem (using cudoodle.dll for capture MIRO DC1 TV)

Hans Goossens

> The new version of Cuseeme 1.0B3 is very nice, however
> it is wreaking havoc with my system(486DX2 66mghz, 28.8
> modem,16mb RAM,Windows 3.11) After a few minutes of use
> my windows get all screwed up, colors disappear, machine
> even lock up sometimes. When I use an earlier version
> of Cuseeme. like .087B1, I have no problem at all.
> Whitepine needs to get this stuff right for windows before
> anyone purchases this! I woiuld gladly purchase this program
> idf it just worked! But it doesnt...........