Re: Power Macintosh won't CU
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 08:37:04

>I'm brand new to CU-Seeme and am trying to get it to work. In the Help
>files, it states that my PC needs host name in order to use CU-Seeme (V.
>.084b & I'm using Windows 3.11). What IP address do I use if mine is
>dynamic (I think thats what its called when youre not given a specific IP
> differs each time I dial up my provider)?
What I did was to edit my "hosts" file and include the following line:

# Sample /etc/hosts file (UNIX); C:\...\TRUMPET\HOSTS (MS-DOS):
# localhost {PCname} {PCname.ISPs.domain}

the localhost IP number is a standard loopback IP number. The other names
are considered "aliases" for the default connection back to your machine! I
don't *really* know why this works, but it works for me!

Good luck...