Win95 and the Video Spigot. There is life again ....

Alain Caillet (
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 11:44:55 -0500

Glad to let you know that:

After much searching, I found that if you install the latest Spigot driver
from Bill Woodland terrific CU info site:
look for at the end...

Installed it from Control Panel/Add Neww Hardware applet
select (Have disk).
I used IRQ 15 and EE00 for the mem but don t count on the
search buttons to help you much with this Check your system
ahead in CP/System for free IRQ s

Thanks to Fred Deutsch <>
I discovered the next step needed after the PC reboot:
Go to Control Panel/Multimedia/Advanced/Video Capture Devices.

The Radius VideoSpigot Capture Driver should be there.
You can double click on it and see the settings and se
the Use this video capture device. Voila !!

With White Pine B3 enhanced CU you can even switch on the fly
to CU-Doodle (
as a video source and send images from your
desktop at will. There is life again ...:-)..
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