Qucikcam problems w/ ANYTHING

Adrian Smith (asmith@mbl.edu)
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 16:01:05 -0500

I apologize because this is off-topic (sort of). I have a P100 running
Windows NT, 16 MB RAM, and a Connectix QuickCam. I planned on using the
camera exclusively for CUSeeMe.

Problem: The camera won't work under NT. I've installed the 32-bit software
(d'loaded from Connectix' Web site). I've installed it - no problem. I try
and run CUSeeMe, I get 3 dialogs (in order): Capture device was not
detected, Invalid handle, Invalid handle. Then I get a local video screen
full of vertical black lines.

The QuickCam software fares no better. I get "No device hooked up to LPT: port".

Connectix tells me that the camera odesn't officially work under NT, but
that people can get it running with the Win95 32-bit software.

Can someone who has it working please help me with this thing?

Adrian Smith
Manager, Information Systems
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA