Re: Save Video Conference

John Osborne (
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 18:20:43 +1000

An interesting question. I don't have an answer but suspect it would
probably take some hardware to capture and save the sessions to your
hard disk.

This question does beg another, a multiparticpant broadcast
on public reflectors, who owns the "material", if anyone? Are there any
copyright issues involved with this? Is it at all similar to some other
kind of collaborative work, such a jointly authored book (albeit on a
different medium)? What/where are the "rights" to rebroadcast or use
the captured material, dialogue, and "acting" via the participants?

Just wondering....


buldge wrote:
> Is there a way to save a video conference for later viewing. IE. Special
> events for a class room conferenced live by a teacher.
> I run windows 95 on PC with Microsoft Video Driver.
> Ensoniq's win95 Soundscape sound driver
> Do I need additional hardware or is Windows 95 capable of doing it with
> additional software download? Where can I get what is needed to accomplish
> task?
> This would be great for bringing things into the classroom from times when
> the kids are supposed to be asleep. (i.e. late night Astrological events).
> Thanks