Re: Cu seeme 0.83b3, PB 5300cs & GV powerport

John P. Siebert/JPS Design Gr. (
Wed, 14 Feb 96 08:09:44 -0500

>I'm trying to use CU see Me 0.83b3 with a powerbook 5300cs and a
>Global village Powerport platinum PC card.
>The proble is that when i launch CU See Me, the connexion establishes,
>my video windows appears and then the mac's crashed; it's frozen.
>Can anybody tell me if he's using a similar configuration without
>experiencing troubles, or if there is some incompatibility ?
Don't use ram doubler or virtual memory. Try increase the memory
partition for CU-SeeMe. And don't use Open Transport.

Let me know it this helps.


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