Any experiences integrating CU-SeeMe and OLE?

Oliver Kubis (
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 18:48:43 GMT

We are currently developing an Online Services authoring tool and plan to
integrate some means of videoconferencing in there.

Our authoring tool is completely CORBA- and OLE based, and we would like to
develop our own, OLE-based CU-SeeMe client plus a COBRA-compliant backend
service. Does anyone in this group have any experience in implementing his
own CU-SeeMe client?

Another possibility would be to hook something into the Video for Windows
interface. I understood that the CU-SeeMe client uses VfW to display the
actual images. VfW is based on Microsoft's MCI, which could be a possbile
interface for a self-developed client as well. Again- any experience here

Thanks for your time and your ideas,
Oliver Kubis

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