Help with CU-SEEME 8.3b

Oscar Madrigal (
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 12:20:18 CST

I need a help.
I was a version of CUseeme (7.5b) and i
could send and receive audio.
But i changed the version for Cuseeme

And now i cant send audio, on the audio
window the microphone has an x, and i
can see this message: Not available
imput device.

Im using a MAC, Centris 650 and i have
the operation system 7.1.

I tested the microphone with the
application sound on the control panel
and i could record. This means that the
microphone is working and the
connection to. The problem is with


Oscar Madrigal
Fundacion Omar Dengo
Telefono: 257-6263
Fax: 222-1654
San Jose, Costa Rica