CineVideo V1.08 Released

Bob Summers (
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 13:40:25 -0500

CineVideo/Direct V1.08 has just been released. CineVideo/Direct is a
personal videoconferencing tool that allows point-to-point connections on
the internet and on Compuserve. CineVideo/Direct delivers full video frames
in B&W or color using 24bits per pixel. It works with the Quickcam and just
about every other video capture board on the market. It supports
connections as low as 14.4, and is best at 28.8.

CineVideo/Direct has been integrated with Compuserve to allow users of the
Compuserve system the ability to just point and click on other users online
and Videoconference with them. This is used in the FORUM areas.

To get your trial copy of CineVideo/Direct V1.08, access
Follow the links to CineVideo/Direct.

Thank You and Happy VideoConferencing,

Bob Summers
Chief Software Engineer
CINECOM Corporation