Re: Problem with chatting

Bill Neisius (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 07:06:03 -0800 (PST)

> Ok, am running Wpine b3 on Win95, works fine for video and audio. I have
> a 28.8kbps PPP connection. I am using SLIRP to connect to the internet,
> so I don't have a real IP address.
> Now, whenever I connect to a reflector, I open the chat window, and can
> see everyone's text just fine. I know they see my video, and I can see
> theirs. If I try to type something into the chat window, it never gets
> transmitted. I've tried it on MANY reflectors, and it doesn't work. It
> does, however, work when I'm on a one to one connection with someone.

Same problem here: through many different versions from Cornel and
WhitePine; on two different machines; using CSLIP or PPP; Windows 3.1
and Win95. In fact, the only thing constant was my SLiRP connection
to Netcom...

At least you were able to chat in a 1-on-1 connection. I don't even
bother trying to type in the Chat Window anymore... instead I type
the messages on the video window using CU-Doodle. The only problem
is that on a slow reflector it might take a while for the text to
update enough to be readable; and if there are more than 8 participants
your window might not be open on the other machines...

> Any ideas?

No, but sympathy...

Bill Neisius