Copyright and intellectual property

Chuck Mize (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 09:26:57 -0600 (CST)

Buldge wrote:
> "Is there a way to save a video conference for later viewing. IE. Special
> events for a class room conferenced live by a teacher."

John wrote:
>"This question does beg another, a multiparticpant broadcast
>on public reflectors, who owns the "material", if anyone?"

We have been recording our conferences using the secondary send from a
presentation device. Our current focus is to use current desktop
communication tools, which include video conferencing, for distance
instruction. At our main campus, the machine used for this is attached to a
video projector which allows both the projection of the computer screen so a
whole class can view it, but also allows us to video tape the material.

Most of the time we go through private reflectors so not to tie up others
much needed space. At times we attach to other univerities using public
refectors. Our staff and faculty are very concerned about "who owns the
material". At this point it would appear that in practice, any material
passed through public sites may become public domain. I certainly would be
interested in others thoughts about this issue.
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