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Brian McGugan (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 09:31:57 -0800

>Buldge wrote:
>> "Is there a way to save a video conference for later viewing. IE. Special
>> events for a class room conferenced live by a teacher."
>John wrote:
>>"This question does beg another, a multiparticpant broadcast
>>on public reflectors, who owns the "material", if anyone?"

>are very concerned about "who owns the
>material". At this point it would appear that in practice, any material
>passed through public sites may become public domain. I certainly would be
>interested in others thoughts about this issue.

I would agree, when it came to ordinary video conferencing. However, if and
when we decide to do live performances of any sort, like a live play on the
net or some such program, then the issues need to be decided . I think then
that groups like SAG and ACTRA might be able to offer some insight into
this. Canadian artists are very aware of changing technologies, and we want
to ensure that artists that are employed in the making of newer forms of
entertainment retain their rights to the material and performance. Of
course doing this on a global scale is very diffucult.

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