RE: [W] Re: Quickcam problems w/ ANYTHING

John Beaver (
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 14:43:29 -0800

> I apologize because this is off-topic (sort of). I have a P100 running =
> NT, 16 MB RAM, and a Connectix QuickCam. I planned on using the camera =

> exclusively for CUSeeMe.
> Problem: The camera won't work under NT. I've installed the 32-bit =
> (d'loaded from Connectix' Web site). I've installed it - no problem. I =
try and=20
> run CUSeeMe, I get 3 dialogs (in order): Capture device was not =
> Invalid handle, Invalid handle. Then I get a local video screen full =
of vertical
> black lines.

The Connectix QuickCam currently is not supported under Windows NT. We =
do have new 32bit software for Windows 95. Even with this software, the =
QuickCam would still need a driver written specifically for Windows NT. =
This is why the "Capture device not detected" message is given.

> The QuickCam software fares no better. I get "No device hooked up to =
LPT: port".

The same reason stated above, without the Windows NT driver, the camera =
will not work correctly.

> Connectix tells me that the camera doesn't officially work under NT, =
but that=20
> people can get it running with the Win95 32-bit software.

The information given to you by Connectix is incorrect. There is =
currently no support for Windows NT. We do have the 32bit software for =
windows 95 but the driver only works under Windows 3.1x or Windows 95. =
We are currently developing drivers for Windows NT. The current =
'Expected Date' is May or June. For more information regarding future =
support for Windows NT, check out the Connectix QuickCam developer WWW =
site at:

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