Re: Power Macintosh won't CU

Michel Lent Schwartzman (
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 21:42:22 -0400

At 3:45 PM 2/16/96, Brian McGugan wrote:
>>Marta E. Fabris wrote:
>>> I want to use a Power Macintosh 7100/80AV running SLIP, with a QuickCam,
>>> CU-SeeMe 0.83 b3 and 28,8 modem. So far, the system crashes every time I
>>> tried to open the program.
>>> I tried several options:
>>> (1) virtual memory (OFF)
>>> (2) RAM doubler (removed)
>>> (3) CU preferences (OFF)
>>> (4) Monitor colors (256)
>>> I am removing several extensions, but so far with unhappy results. Your
>>> help will be appreciated.
>>> Marta
>Marta... Leave the preferences on I think (how can you switch a
>*preference* off anyhow?). You might have to be on PPP actually. Check with
>your providor and also find out what the port is for Cu and see if there is
>a problem that way.
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always try downloading a fresh copy. be sure you have given enough memory
to the program (check on get info). i have a powerMac 7200, ram doubler,
speed doubler and it runs fine. i can even have other apps open at the same
time. i don't know how much real RAM you have. but i've noticed that ram
doubler only starts to really work if you have at least 16MB.



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