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Sat, 17 Feb 1996 12:48:03 -0600

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>Does anyone know how one could record any given cuseeme window,
>while it was active, either in movie format, or as a still
>be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For Windows 3.1 I use a program called CLIPMATE to capture the individual
windows into BMP format. Go to Yahoo and do a search for it.

Another capture program for windows 3.1 can be found here:

I just upgraded(?) to Windows 95 and will be trying out several other
capture programs. One that I heard of is called SNAPSHOT and can be found
at this URL:

I also just got the newest freeware version of Eudora (1.5.4b) which has the
nice feature of allowing you to point to an URL in the body of a message and
double click to launch your favorite web browser. Get it at:

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