Re:capturing frames

Brian McGugan (
Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:58:49 -0800

John A. Lombardo wrote:
>>Does anyone know how one could record any given cuseeme window,
>>while it was active, either in movie format, or as a still
>>be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
At 12:48 2/17/96, Bill Woodland wrote:
>For Windows 3.1 I use a program called CLIPMATE

and for the Mac...

there is a nifty control panel called 'Pictify' which will capture just the
part of the screen that you 'option shift' and then 'mouse click and drag'.

There is an extention along with 'Internet config' for the Mac which allows
any http address from most programs to be command clicked and that will
fire up Netscape also.

I can fwd these to anyone who wants them too...



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