Re: White Pine Version 2.0 Feb 14 ???
Sun, 18 Feb 96 16:02:51 GMT

Brad asks if he should, 'buy it' (v.2.0) ?
I can't think of a better way to encourage greater development of a 'toy'.
Given the potential of two way conferencing or just plain bull sessions for
those of us blessed with access to the world, I'd say buy it, and encourage
constant improvement.
Today it may be satisfactory for 'play', Imagine what it will be tomorrow.

> > Hello Bill. I just checked out the site you mentioned. Ever heard of
> the old cliche: If it ain't broke.. don't fix it!
> This current Cornell version is working great now (considering the
> limitations of a 28.8 modem) Dare I upgrade to the 2.0? I only use this
> for fun not for business. Your thoughts?
> Brad


Tom In Seattle