Re: White Pine Version 2.0 Feb 14 ???

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 18 Feb 1996 11:11:02 -0600

At 08:13 AM 2/18/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello Bill. I just checked out the site you mentioned. Ever heard of
>the old cliche: If it ain't broke.. don't fix it!
>This current Cornell version is working great now (considering the
>limitations of a 28.8 modem) Dare I upgrade to the 2.0? I only use this
>for fun not for business. Your thoughts?

Yea, I agree with that old saying, but I was really looking forward to using
the COLOR features of the WP version 2, so I downloaded the 32bit version,
since I have just upgraded(?) to Windows 95. Unfortunately the driver for
my Captivator card won't work with Win95, so I'll have to get the 16bit
version to try out the color part. The Cornel version still works fine for
me under Win95.

I still have a Quickcam, and a win95 driver for it, but it's the color I
really want to check out. I have heard that there are bugs (of course) so
be sure to keep your old Cornell version, and keep in mind that both the
Cornell AND the White Pines version put the cuseeme.ini file in the windows
directory. Make a backup copy of your Cornell cuseeme.ini file, and don't
try to use the wrong copy of cuseeme.ini with the wrong version. I have
several friends that did that accidently and it screwed up their old Cornell

It sure would be nice to get a 32bit driver for the Captivator card.
Perhaps Videologic would release the source to their 16bit driver so that an
enterprising young programmer could rewrite it. Well, I can dream, Can't I?

Good luck and happy viewing.

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