Winsocks and other stinky things
Sun, 18 Feb 96 21:37:23 GMT

Hope this doesn't get too windy.
I use Quarterdeck's Internet Suite for web stuff, including e-mail and
until CUSM V.2.0, it met all my needs.
Under the CUSM V. .84b7 QWINSOCK worked well and speeds on the Web were
tolerable to fast.

Now, the problem, under Win95 and the MS version of Winsock, I can run
CUSM V.2.0 and NetScape Gold. The communications are extremely slow by
comparison to QWINSOCK.

For Web browsing and mail, I have to go to the QWINSOCK because I can't
stand the delays with WINSOCK. However, CUSM V.2.0 will not run under
the Quarterdeck sock. It operates, but will not connect to anything.

I've made dozens of attempts to resolve this, but can't find a solution.
I heard tell of MicroSoft having a new version of the Winsock, but can't
find it anywhere. (For that matter, could not even find Microsoft on the Web

Any thoughts or solutions invited.


Tom In Seattle