Re: Winsocks and other stinky things

John Osborne (
Mon, 19 Feb 1996 18:40:46 +1000

I offer this as a thought, not a solution. I am not familiar with
Quarterdeck's winsock protocol stack, but if it is -really- a Winsock
1.1 compliant stack then I don't see why you should be having a problem.
Perhaps Quarterdeck's increased speed is due to the stack cutting some
crucial corners somewhere? Have you asked Quarterdeck?

Regards, John wrote:
> Hope this doesn't get too windy.
> Observations:
> I use Quarterdeck's Internet Suite for web stuff, including e-mail and
> until CUSM V.2.0, it met all my needs.
> Under the CUSM V. .84b7 QWINSOCK worked well and speeds on the Web were
> tolerable to fast.
> Now, the problem, under Win95 and the MS version of Winsock, I can run
> CUSM V.2.0 and NetScape Gold. The communications are extremely slow by
> comparison to QWINSOCK.
> For Web browsing and mail, I have to go to the QWINSOCK because I can't
> stand the delays with WINSOCK. However, CUSM V.2.0 will not run under
> the Quarterdeck sock. It operates, but will not connect to anything.
> I've made dozens of attempts to resolve this, but can't find a solution.
> I heard tell of MicroSoft having a new version of the Winsock, but can't
> find it anywhere. (For that matter, could not even find Microsoft on the Web
> today.)
> Any thoughts or solutions invited.
> ----
> Tom In Seattle