Re: Clicking and frame fluttering
Mon, 19 Feb 96 18:39:18 GMT

Brian, here's 2 cents (us) worth.
The click you hear is senders or lurkers coming on and dropping off line.
You can disable that from preferences.
The 'flutter', in and out of some new windows may be at a site like, where they are a closed system, you can watch, but any
attempt to send video will kick you right off. I'm guessing your running a PC.
Hope that helps.

> To All:
> I am using the most current beta/production copy of CuSeeme from
> White Pine and experiencing something quite weird. I can hear a clicking
> noise through my speakers whenever I am connected to a reflector. I muted
> the audio and can still hear it. What is this sound?
> I also notice that when connected to a reflector, occassionaly one
> of the frame will flutter on and off the screen very rapidly. I have my max
> windows set to 3 and can get it to stop if I can get another window
> displayed to take up that last spot. This phenomoenom is annoying at most
> and for the most part this software is great.
> Thanks.
> ~brian


Tom In Seattle