Re: Interoperability between "MBone applications" (vat, nv, ..) and

Jonathan Day (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 10:30:48 +0000

Davide Del Grosso wrote:
> could you please tell me the relationship between MBone applications
> like vat or nv with CU-SeeMe. What about interoperability ?
> (I do not think that nv and CU-SeeMe share the same compression
> algorithm, am I right?)

vat should talk to maven, maven should talk to cu-seeme, but whether vat
will talk to cu-seeme or not is something that's a little unclear. It
should do.

nv is an odd-ball. The readme for the reflector says that it should work,
but I can't deny I've had a few problems there.

vat and nv can work as ordinary 'unicast' programs (read: same as everything
else) instead of multicasting, if you ask it.

> In ""
> I read that it was possible to connect CU-SeeMe reflectors to MBone
> broadcast...What does this mean? What is an MBone broadcast for you?

The Multibone is nice. Anyone out there who disagrees, feel free to correct
ne on this, but looking at the info on multicasting suggests that instead
of throwing out lots of copies of the same packet at each person, the
reflector creates only one packet, which is addressed to everyone. The
multibone is simply a virtual net that uses multicasting.

> I do not understand if interoperability between nv or vat and CU-SeeMe
> running on a PC will be provided only using a reflector.

Dunno. Vat, you might get away with. nv, you'll probably need a reflector.