Re: CU-Doodle version 0.6

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 10:53:13 -0800

Bill Neisius wrote:
> Version 0.6 of CU-Doodle is available:
> New this version:
> CU-Doodle now works with the WhitePine Color CODEC.
> You can, for example, mix the B/W output of your
> QuickCam with color overlays, and send it out as color
> CU-SeeMe.
> What is CU-Doodle?
> CU-Doodle is a screen capture driver for Windows 3.1
> for use with CU-SeeMe. Instead of capturing video from a
> frame grabber or digitizing board, CU-Doodle captures whatever
> appears in a 160x120 'capture area' on the screen.
> A camera is not required.
> Use it to 'capture' hand-drawn images and text or other
> video sources, by simply dragging the image to the
> capture area.
> Bill Neisius
> neisius@netcom.comGreetings:
I like this program. Whenever I use it, I get (2) 160x120 capture windows,
with the second window being active! What is causing this???
I'm going to use this to display my "mug-shot" over CU-SeeMe as it has lower

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