Captivator and Win 95

Tue, 20 Feb 96 09:29:00 P

>Yea, I agree with that old saying, but I was really looking forward to
>the COLOR features of the WP version 2, so I downloaded the 32bit version,
>since I have just upgraded(?) to Windows 95. Unfortunately the driver for
>my Captivator card won't work with Win95, so I'll have to get the 16bit
>version to try out the color part. The Cornel version still works fine for
>me under Win95.
> .....
>It sure would be nice to get a 32bit driver for the Captivator card.
>Perhaps Videologic would release the source to their 16bit driver so that
>enterprising young programmer could rewrite it. Well, I can dream, Can't

>Good luck and happy viewing.

>Bill Woodland (
>Squeek on Undernet IRC
>Channel Manager #CU-SeeMe

The Captivator 16-bit driver will work under Windows 95. I have been using
various versions of cu-seeme successfully, including WP version 2.0 32 bit.

Have you tried to re-install the Captivator driver? Also check what settings
Win95 selected for your sound card. They may conflict with the captivator. I
had to manually override the IRQ and DMA settings that Win95 gave my sound
card to get everything to work correctly.

Steven Ledwith