proxy of CU-SEEME protocol problem

Phil Hochstetler (
Tue, 20 Feb 96 15:08:07 PST

I recently posted a message to this mailing list about a proxy for
CU-SEEME and got several people asking me to get a copy. I will post
the diffs and where to get the bits once I resolve one remaining problem.

The problem is that the "chat" windows does not work for sending. The
chat window sees everything everyone else types but when I type, nobody
sees my typing. My theory is that "chat" packets have some kind of
extra per-packet checksum that my proxy does not regenerate (I do have
to rewrite a fields in the packet that contains the IP address to make
the proxy work).

Does anyone have a pointer to the CU-SEEME protocol specs (do they exist?)
or know off the top of their head why outgoing chat packets would not work
when everthing else does?