Re: Internal Reflector

Brian O'Shea (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 19:11:02 -0500

>We have a reflector running on Linux on our network, but when we have our
>Windows 95 workstation on the same subnetnet connect using CUSEEME, our
>router seems to broadcast the signal out onto the net.. Why?
>Where is it going on the net? We are running 3.0b3. I am hesitant to keep
>live video if it floods the internet connection!

Hmmm. 3.0B3 you say. I found and fixed a bunch of problems related to
host/network byte ordering on the 4.0B3 reflector, which causes the 4.0B3
Linux reflector to behave strangely/not work at times. I would bet that the
3.0B3 reflector is worse. I think for Linux you're going to have to get the
commercial version of the reflector, which should be available for sale soon.
It's in Beta, and there are several Linux Beta sites which have reported some
problems, which I have fixed. There is likely to be one more Beta cycle
before final release of the Unix versions, and the Windows ('95 + NT) versions
will follow, likely within a month of the Unix release.

Marketing hasn't decided what things are going to cost yet, at least they
haven't told me.

In the mean time, I would think a 4.0B3 should work better than a 3.0B3. You
can download one at.


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