Re: proxy of CU-SEEME protocol problem

Nathan Leach (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 18:17:10 +0800

At 03:08 PM 2/20/96 PST, Phil Hochstetler wrote:
>I recently posted a message to this mailing list about a proxy for
>CU-SEEME and got several people asking me to get a copy. I will post
>the diffs and where to get the bits once I resolve one remaining problem.
>The problem is that the "chat" windows does not work for sending. The
>chat window sees everything everyone else types but when I type, nobody
>sees my typing. My theory is that "chat" packets have some kind of
>extra per-packet checksum that my proxy does not regenerate (I do have
>to rewrite a fields in the packet that contains the IP address to make
>the proxy work).
>Does anyone have a pointer to the CU-SEEME protocol specs (do they exist?)
>or know off the top of their head why outgoing chat packets would not work
>when everthing else does?

Very interesting....this is the same problem I have, except my connection is
made by SLIRP, so I don't actually have an IP address......I'm not too well
informed on how the protocols work internally, but is it possible that
cuseeme transmits my chat packets giving my local machine's ip, then the
reflector compares it with where I'm actually connected from and throws it out?

I don't seem to have a problem chatting in point-to-point conferences.