Help usig CUSEEME under OS/2

Davide Giacobbe (
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:59:21 ITALY

Hi, I have some problem trying to use the CUSEEME with OS/2 and
his IAK that maintains the PPP Dialup connection. I inserted my
IP address in the HOSTS file and I started the Trumpet Winsock in
a Win-OS/2 session, this finally eliminated the first
"GetHostByName error", but when i tried to connect to a
reflector, anyone it can be, two error messages appears:
- InitOpenRequest - GetHostByName Error (11004)
- Error using specified IP address, hostname or alias

Where's the problem?
Thanks to everyone.

Bye! Davide. :)
Fidonet: 2:335/220.12